Friday, October 21, 2011



mad shit to fill everyone in on!!!! it seemed like the day would never come but bolla has landed in NY from LA and giggle juice and bolla have officially begun a collaboration to be released (cross your fingers) this holiday season!!! exciting news for both companies and for all of you! the release party will take place in new york as a gallery and showroom featuring art work and merchandise from both artists individually and collaboratively. we've been working hard to give all of you some really unique, limited edition pieces and so far its been a lot of fun and a lot of mayhem. as we continue to work on this exciting project, we'll keep all of you updated on our progress!

caught off guard looking stoopit wearing bollas incredible brand new snapback

the hats haven't dropped for sale yet but will be available soon! check out this teaser for bollas new headwear collection and stay tuned to the website to get yourself some awesome gear when its available. 

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